GF . East . Information Counter


GF . East . Information Counter


GF . West (Next to Levi’s)


Male – 1F . West
Female – 2F . West


GF . East (Under escalator)


GF . East . (Next to KFC)


1F . West (Next to SaSa cosmetic)


GF . East . Information Counter


RM 1.00/nett per hour

Exit within 30 Minutes – FREE

“You” means anyone entering this Car Park.  By entering this Car Park, you accept that a contract is formed between us on the following terms and conditions (“the Terms”)

  1. If you do not accept the conditions of entry set out below you should turn your vehicle around and immediately leave the car park.  Should you be unable to turn you vehicle around you may subject to the conditions set out below, speak with the car park attendant and inform him/her that you wish to immediately leave the premises and hence proceed directly to the nearest exit where you may leave without charge, providing you do not delay in so proceeding.
  2.  All vehicles are parked at their owner’s/driver’s own risk.  The Board of Directors, The Management and the staff of the Developer and/or the Manager of Bintang Megamall accept no responsibility for any bodily injury or death howsoever caused to any person entering / using the car park premises or any person who for whatsoever reason is in the car park premises or any person who for whatsoever reason is in the car park premises or for any loss or damage through fire, theft, collision, accident or other misdemeanours howsoever caused to any driver / owner, vehicle, accessory, content or any other item in or on any vehicle whilst in or parked in the car park premises.
  3. We reserve the right for us and our contractors or agents to move or tow the vehicle if we decide reasonably that is necessary in an emergency or if we reasonably consider it necessary for the safe or efficient operation of this Car Park.  We may charge you a reasonable amount for moving or towing the Vehicle if the need to move it arises because you breach the Terms or have caused obstruction or during the period of retention or sale for non-payment.
  4. If you lose or fail to present a ticket required to be presented upon leaving the Car Park, you will be charged the maximum amount of RM50.00 per ticket.
  5. We exercised non-overnight parking except Hotel Room Guests.  Breach of this policy is subject to a fine of RM50.00 per night per vehicle.  We may retain possession of the Vehicle until everything you owe us in respect of this contract has been paid.  Parking fees will continue to accrue during the period that we retain the Vehicle and use the proceeds to pay the amounts you owe us and you agree to take all steps required by us to permit us to do so.
  6. Any vehicle park at non-designated parking space shall be locked and the Manager shall imposed a fine of RM300.00 against the concerned vehicle’s owner for unlocking the concerned vehicle.
  7. You must pay for any damage caused by you or the vehicle to this Car Park including, but not limited to, any damage caused by oil or other substances which leak from the vehicle.
  8. The Developer and/or The Manager will keep the records of Vehicle Registration for the use of the recovery of unpaid fees if any and may prevent entry or exit of any vehicle on or from the Car Park if necessary in the opinion of The Manager.
  9. No variation of these conditions will bind the Developer and/or the Manager unless made in writing signed by the Board of Directors of the relevant party.
  10. The above conditions may from time to time be repealed, amended or added to at the discretion of the Developer and/or Manager and shall become as binding upon any driver(s) or car owner(s) entering theses premises herein.
  11. You have the right to contact us to dispute any amount we claim against you.  We will consider all disputes fairly and reasonably.